Plan Sponsors

Establish a NEW NORMAL with lower medical costs!

Smart Option Services offers a Plug and Play solution for Self-Funded entities to control medical spend through incentives and steerage to quality and cost-effective providers.

Objective Surgical manages the entire care journey for the patient and offers bundled pricing and simplicity for the party left holding the bag (insert your company here).

Our dedicated care coordination team serves as a streamlined liaison for our providers,
patients and clients throughout the entire episode of care.

The S.O.S Card is designed
as a stand-beside benefit
to existing health plans:

  • No need to change Brokers or Health Plans

  • No risk, No hassle

  • Incentivizes employee population

  • Simple plan documentation added as a benefit under a Self-Funded medical program or as a separate benefit under an ERISA wrap. Examples available.

  • Immediate utilization for Preventative Services: Colonoscopies and Mammograms.

  • Enhanced benefit offerings can increase employee retention

  • Concierge level Care Coordinator assigned to each referral

  • Free claims analysis to prove ROI

  • Seamless implementation


Our Difference

Each referral is assigned a Care Coordinator that acts as the patient advocate throughout the entire care journey – whether it’s an MRI or a Spinal Fusion surgery. Efficiency and advocacy result in quicker recovery, as well as lowers patient anxiety and stress.

Our provider network has been built handshake by handshake with the highest quality providers. We follow a strict and comprehensive credentialing process that goes beyond an anonymous internet review. We also have access to one of the largest commercial networks in the country to make sure we can assist with any location you may need help.

Trust us when we say – while other companies may SAY they have a direct network – many simply do not. In fact, we’ve been asked to provide our bundled rates to some of these companies. We have seen first-hand significant delays in care due to not understanding the market, not having relationships with providers and unrealistic expectations. Who suffers? The patient. Who else suffers? You. By paying too much and an extended loss of productivity.

What We Know

We know how to bundle a procedure. We do it proactively and specific to each patient. We think posting black and white pricing when referencing surgical procedures is misleading. There are many patient specific aspects that are medically necessary and appropriate that affect pricing. Cardiac clearance? Orbital X-ray? Pre-operative Labs? ASC candidate?

We also know the marketplace. We pay fair in accordance with the market value of an area. Just like the cost of living, or a gallon of milk, the cost of health care varies from location to location. Indiana is our home – and it turns out that Indiana is one of the most expensive states when it comes to medical treatment. You should not be expected to understand market value of care when pricing is not provided. That’s what we do.

You do you.

If you’re a University – then you should focus on educating. Make widgets? Make more! Let patients focus on health and getting back to productivity at home and the work-place. Providers working with us concentrate on what they do best – treating patients. Let us use the knowledge, processes and partnerships we have developed to provide a cost effective and streamlined approach to diagnostic and surgical procedures.

*Asterisk free services.
*Asterisk free pricing – because each price is unique to that patient and surgeon.

Case studies for Preventative Services – Procedures you are ALREADY paying 100% for!

Why It Works:

The fact is, Americans can’t afford their health premiums let alone any deductible or maximum out of pocket expenses. What does that mean? It means:

  1. Providers have had to increase administrative costs to chase down private individuals that owe their deductibles. In fact, medical expenses are the #1 cause of bankruptcies in the US.
  2. Providers who have had to increase administrative costs have also had to increase billed charges to cover said administrative costs.
  3. 30% of Americans who HAVE health insurance are DELAYING care because of the cost. Delaying care can increase severity, increase loss of productivity and increases the cost.
  4. Providers are willing to work with us because we present a streamlined new patient feed – without having to chase the payment.
  5. Plan Sponsors don’t have to recreate the wheel and become their own TPA or medical facility – do what you do and let us bridge this gap.
  6. Members can focus on getting well and back to normal – which   could also mean back to work and productivity.

How It Works:

  1. Employer Agreement, NDA and BAA executed
  2. Plan addendum added to Standard Plan Document and any Stop Loss Contract as needed
  3. Employer on-boarding information, coverage verification and payment process set-up
  4. Access to or download for Employee Engagement
  5. Roll-out to population and kick-off 12 month Employee Engagement
  6. Custom Utilization and Savings reports available.

Who We Work With:

  • Brokers

  • Self-Funded Employers

  • Health Captives

  • Taft Hartley & Union Plans

  • Municipalities

  • Education Groups

  • TPA’s

  • Entities that believe in doing right by their covered lives and understand they can cut out wasteful spending while still providing quality care and a superior patient experience.