Become a Provider Partner

At Objective Surgical, we are committed to top-quality care, and partner with providers who share in this commitment.  We value the relationships we have with our provider partners and ensure we are doing our part to make the process as easy as possible.

Objective Surgical manages the entire care journey for the patient and offers bundled pricing and simplicity for the party holding the bag.

Our dedicated care coordination team serves as a streamlined liaison for our providers, patients and clients throughout the entire episode of care.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Objective Surgical:

  • You receive T-ed up surgical cases. (Approximately 80% of our referrals are surgical, based on objective findings from previous diagnostic tests.)

  • All negotiated contracts are with Objective Surgical.

  • We create a hassle-free process by eliminating bill review issues, fee disputes and appeals.

  • We enter into individual contracts for EACH component of an outpatient surgery and WE handle all bundling.

  • All authorizations come through us.

  • We are the responsible payer and execute prompt payment, fulfilled within 30 days.

  • Surgeons call the shots – we follow all protocols for the entire episode of care.

  • We work closely with your team to ensure all requests are being met (hardware, DME, post-op therapy, etc.)

Expectations for Provider Partners:

·  Causation addressed at initial evaluation

·  Same day work status

·  Clinical notes within 48 hours

·  Impairment/PPI rating at conclusion of care

·  Initial evaluation within 1 week upon receipt of referral

·  Surgeries scheduled within 2 weeks

Welcoming New Providers!

If you are a provider or provider group looking for opportunities to serve new patients, we would love to speak with you.  Objective Surgical is always on the lookout for qualified providers for our network!


Participation Options

Objective Surgical is open to new partnerships with top quality providers.  We are selective and seek providers who are committed to excellence.  We can customize to a provider’s preference.  If you are interested in a possible partnership, we would like to speak with you.



We strategically recruit providers based on our own credentialing process, which starts with standard industry credentialing qualifications. What sets us apart is our dedication to working with experienced, multi-specialty providers.  We seek more information than what you can find online.  For quality assurance purposes, we actively solicit feedback from colleagues – to learn about a physician’s bedside manner, the friendliness of the staff and paperwork management.


Care Coordinators

Our dedicated care coordinators are assigned to each case and make the process easier from beginning to end.  They work directly with the provider group – sharing information and ensuring paperwork is forwarded in a timely fashion.  The care coordinators communicate with all parties involved in the care process and ensure everything is on track.


Surgeon Protocols

We expect great outcomes.  In order to get the best results, we choose to work with the best surgeons and trust them.  We listen to the surgeons and ensure their protocols are followed to the T.


Provider Partnerships

We treat our providers like true partners – sharing information, soliciting feedback, conducting reviews and ensuring they have everything they need to be effective.  We expect quick turn-around on paperwork, clear & timely communication and outstanding results.  Our partners know this and work hand in hand with our team to maintain the highest standards.


Therapy Close to Patients

We offer an extensive physical therapy network designed with patients in mind.  We understand that patients requiring therapy have busy schedules.  Convenience and patient compliance are critical.  With our network, we provide patients with excellent care within 30 minutes of home or work.

Do you want to become a provider? We’d love to hear from you!