About Us

Our Core Values


Honesty & Integrity


Collaboration & Teamwork

Constant Innovation


Top Notch Customer Service

Objective Surgical is an innovative company…

  • We are committed to each other, our clients and our partners.
  • We are status quo disruptors, creating a much needed disturbance in the marketplace – and we like that.   
  • We know what we are doing is groundbreaking. 
  • We are bold and driven.
  • We love being trailblazers and we love pushing boundaries. 
  • We are proud to be unique.  

The Objective Surgical Experience

We care about providing the best possible experience for everyone involved in the process.  Clients, patients and partners receive prompt, friendly service from a dedicated team.  We are proud to make each experience personal. There are no call center type experiences with us!  

Rest assured, we are happy to handle any case, from the routine to the challenging.  We understand there is a correlation between timely care and healing, so you can count on an efficient process.

Our Mission at Objective Surgical

Our mission is to deliver high quality diagnostic and surgical services with predictable costs through a network of like-minded partners.  We make expert care affordable and accessible without sacrificing quality.  

Around the Office

We are proud of the unique service we offer and our client satisfaction.
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