Appropriate treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis.

From imaging (MRI/CT/X-RAY) to nerve studies (EMG/NCS), Objective Diagnostics ensures quality providers, quick scheduling and fast report turn-around.


We are not a call center. We are a dedicated, qualified, experienced team that arranges all facets of the diagnostic study ordered.
Quickly, correctly and timely – script to results.

4 Hours Average Time to Schedule  +  24 Hours Average Time for Results

  • MRI

  • CT Scans

  • X-Rays


  • Venous Doppler

  • Ultrasounds

  • Extended Imaging

  • Injections

The Objective Diagnostics Advantage


Proprietary Network

We credential each network provider through our proprietary and extensive review process, providing you with ease of mind knowing your patients are receiving the highest quality care. In cases where a provider of choice is not in network, we provide complimentary scheduling so there are no delays in the patient receiving the treatment.


Patients always come first. At Objective Diagnostics, our goal is healthier outcomes for all patients. Our network consists of providers who share in this fundamental belief and our work does not stop until we know the patient’s needs are met.


Known Costs

With our transparent pricing model, medical costs no longer have to be a surprise. You don’t have to worry about the management of multiple provider bills or the burden of hidden fees. Objective Diagnostics saves you time and money, without sacrificing the level of service needed to treat your patients.

Save Time and Money

These studies tend to be costly through traditional plan processes, and all providers are not created equal. We can help make sure you get the RIGHT study for the RIGHT price – and handle all the arrangements! 

Need a Diagnostic Study? Here’s How it Works:

1. When you need a diagnostic study, simply call or email us to get started.

2. We prescreen patients, confirm availability, and secure the written order.

3. We schedule with our providers and send notifications via text or email.

4. We distribute diagnostic results within 24-48 hours after the completed study.