Innovative Surgical Solutions.

Objective Surgical offers exclusive access to high-quality surgical and diagnostic care.

Through our network of vetted providers, we offer bundled services with predictable costs – all wrapped up in one invoice. All of this is delivered by a team of great people dedicated to excellence.

No hidden charges. No membership fees. Zero asterisks.

One Surgery Solution

Our team has developed an all-inclusive surgery program that is revolutionizing the delivery of quality surgical care.

Developed by a physician and a seasoned work comp adjuster, our program is designed to meet the needs of patients, employers and adjusters/nurse case managers. We have an in-house care coordination team dedicated to managing the entire episode of care – from scheduling and communication to documentation and post-op care, all customized per client specifications. Our network of highly vetted surgeons provides exceptional care with great outcomes. Our all-inclusive bundled pricing allows for predictability and cost savings.

Work Comp Surgery Solutions

Work comp is our specialty. It is where we cut our teeth and it is what sets us apart. We understand all the intricacies involved in a work comp episode of care, and we take pride in that. We are dedicated to finding top quality, work comp savvy providers to provide the best care. We follow their protocols to the T, leading to the best outcomes. Our care coordination team ensures the needs of patients, providers and our clients are being met in a timely fashion. The perfect formula for success.

Outpatient Surgery Solutions

With our success in work comp, we knew we had a process that would be welcome in the health space. And we were right. Companies are looking for transparency, predictability and savings – all things that we provide through our bundled pricing model. Our overall approach is much the same. We take the surgical process, with many moving parts, and simplify it for our clients – offering excellent care and a personalized care journey.

Diagnostic Solutions

In order to treat someone, you need a proper diagnosis – often starting with a diagnostic study. Everyone knows that a diagnostic is a diagnostic is a diagnostic, right? NOT TRUE! Our team prides itself in understanding that the devil is in the detail. From imaging (MRI/CT/X-RAY) to nerve studies (EMG/NCS), Objective Diagnostic ensures quality providers, the right machines and magnet strengths, quick scheduling and fast report turn-around.

Provider Network

To get the best outcomes you must have the best providers. Objective Surgical partners with top notch surgeons. We give them the latitude to treat the patients. They make all decisions regarding hardware, DME, post-op therapy, etc. We remove the obstacles most commonly found through traditional processes.

The Objective Surgical Advantage


Quality Provider Partners

We are a physician owned company. We partner with the best in the industry. It is our practice to know our doctors and their team. We would use them ourselves – and have. We trust them, and you can too.

Global Case Rates

Scheduled diagnostics and surgical procedures are negotiated and quoted prior to the service.
Because contrary to status quo, it is possible to price out a procedure in its entirety. No surprises.


Coordinated Care

Our dedicated care coordination team helps oversee the entire episode of care. They manage communications, appointments, authorizations, invoices and so much more. With our proactive approach, patients know appointment times in advance and what to expect – allowing for proper healing and peace of mind.

Billing Simplicity

We take the cumbersome process of billing and simplify it. We become the responsible payer – handling all invoices (and hassles) for the entire episode of care.
Clients receive one bill.

We are very proud of the unique services we offer and how happy we make our clients! If you would like to learn more, we would love to share additional information with you!