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Dog Days of Summer by Angela Cummins

Have you ever thought to yourself how easy most pets have it?

They don’t have a 9 to 5 job like many of us do with the stress of squeezing in all life’s demands. For the most part, these guys just laze around and play all day. I found myself thinking about this the other day when I was sitting with my Westie, Maddie, on my front porch as we enjoyed the warmth of another beautiful summer’s day. After pondering this for a bit longer, it occurred to me that maybe they are lucky, but we, their owners, are the luckier ones to have them as pets to share life with. After all, they make us laugh, help us connect with others, keep us fit with long walks, snuggle with us to give us comfort when we are sick and basically give us so much enjoyment just by them being themselves. While we shower them with lots of toys, treats and affection, we are the ones that gain the most benefits. Dr. Libby Guise explains this in full detail.

As you may have guessed it, our work family here at Objective is quite familiar with doing life with pets and we wanted to share some pictures for your enjoyment! In no particular order, take a look!

Dr. Sean Dillion with Objective Wellness loves his dogs to the moon and back and enjoys trips out with them to local parks and such.  On the other hand, his kids are getting quite the wild experience abroad.  “My kiddos are in Africa for the year, as I think you know.  They seriously have like 15 pets living in the house with them.  They have a mongoose, a “genet”, a monkey, and a baby deer, among many others.” Wow! Can you image how fun that must be? Check out these awesome pics!


Nan (CEO) and Dr. Gregori, President & Founder of The Objective Group of Companies share their darling fur family with us. Charles, in the painting, was Nan’s baby. Hank, the party boxer, is their niece, Megan’s pooch and the other handsome black German Shephard is Erica’s fur baby. Their all just one big happy family!

Kari Schemenauer is our Business Development Manager at The Objective Group

“We have Hitch (black lab/shar pei mix), Gabby (white terrier mix) and Baby Grace (basset hound). We rescued Gabby and Hitch from a shelter 10 years ago after the loss of our 2 basset hounds.  I had picked them from a petfinders site and didn’t realize they were at the same facility.When I asked the shelter if they knew if the 2 of them would get along, they told us they were in the SAME pen and got along great!!!  We knew then it was absolutely meant to be.Grace came a few months later when she was looking sad at a local pet store.  We were missing our bassets and knew our fur family wasn’t quite complete without a basset.”

Kristine Chadwick, Objective Surgical’s Team Lead Care Coordinator, and her family have an array of farm animals that they care for. They enjoy the companionship of these many animals as well as the protection their dogs can provide for their them.  Having so many animals means some serious chores though. Kristine and her husband, Jeremy, feel their children now know what the word responsibility means by caring for their animals and the dedication it takes in maintaining a safe environment for them.

Objective Surgical’s newest care coordinator, Christina Amonett, and her kids love playing with their dogs and teaching them how to do tricks. This certainly takes a lot of patience and dedication. Great job girls!

Did you know dogs become like their owners? Well, Michael Pisano, Objective’s Surgery Director, can vouch for that. Between the two Pyrenees, Chiwawa and his adorable children, it is always showtime at the Pisano’s house!

Jenni Tanner, Objective’s Chief Innovation Officer, and her two boys are simply in love with Winston and Sissy.  “Winston is a Coton de Tulear. From Michigan. Not the smartest pup, but the best cuddler. Sleeps under the blankets. Only knows how to sit. Sissy is VERY fancy…an English Cream Mini Golden Doodle. From Westfield. Bossy, paws at you constantly to pet, can learn any trick in about 20 minutes – she can speak, shake, roll over, high five, sit and lay down. They both become possessed if you try to trim their nails, so I have to tip groomers well….Messes.”

Here is our Director of Marketing with Objective Surgical, Angela Giles’ sweet fur babies. I love how Rockefeller is sitting so poised.

Tom Verhovshek, Ph.D., Director of Objective Medical, share life with this beautiful pair named Cooper and Annie. The Weimaraner breed are very intelligent, friendly, affectionate, and active dogs who love people. How fitting for this family!


Here we have Erica Gregori’s, with Objective Medical, two German Shepherds. Kita and Czar! They are very excited about their new home with a lovely big yard to run and play in.

Objective’s Director of Finance, Joyce Peterson and her family absolutely adore their 3 beautiful cats and handsome dog. Did Han Solo just get back from the Objective Christmas party?


Cody Weinstein, Objective’s Billing Administrator, shares pics of his “fat cat Beannie”, who is looking quite clever sitting on the bookcase. Is this Beannie’s own personal library?

Objective Surgical’s Chief Operating Officer, David Brashear expresses his love for his pooches. “Nala is the black lab mix and Nelly Furtado is the hound dog boxer mix (aka cow lol).” Oh, dear.. I hope you didn’t hear that Nelly!

Last but certainly not least, we have Objective Medical’s Allexa Antrobus’ fur babies, Chino and Bella.  What cute faces! These two aren’t spoiled at ALL!

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as much as the dog does.” – Christopher Morley

“I once decided not to date a guy because he wasn’t excited to meet my dog. I mean, this was like not wanting to meet my mother.” — Bonnie Schacter