Work Comp

At Objective Surgical, our priority is positive outcomes. From the initial referral to post-op management, we ensure patients receive only the highest quality care.

Anytime we quote a procedure you can rest assured on the following:

1. It is as inclusive as we can get based on the patient and information provided by the doctor.

2. We trust our provider partners with our own medical care.

3. Our pricing is aggressive yet fair and averages out lower reimbursements for an entire episode of care even over published pricing for just facility fees.

4. Our Care Coordinators can answer any question or concern you may have now, pre-op or post-op.

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We understand there are several moving parts
when it comes to work comp cases.

Is the injury covered by statute? Are there compensability issues? What are the appropriate reserves?

The entire process can be overwhelming. Patients face multiple calls, doctor appointments and therapy. Adjusters and nurse case managers face endless calls and emails, a mountain of paperwork and invoice after invoice. Employers can face a black hole of costs.

We GET IT and we CAN HELP.

Imagine a service that hand-picks the best work comp savvy doctors for treatment, negotiates each component of the surgical process based on their protocols and provides ONE global bill for the entire episode of care. Now, imagine that this service also provides a team of friendly care coordinators to assist patients, support adjusters & nurse case managers and handle all paperwork & invoices. With Objective Surgical, patients receive excellent care and return to work in a timely fashion.

Seem too good to be true? It does, but this is what we do every day.

Because we believe in better.


Global Pricing for the Whole Episode of Care

  • Initial Surgical Evaluation: Causation addressed
  • Pre-Op Services: Diagnostics, Labs, Surgical Clearance, and any additional office visits
  • All surgical fees: Surgeon, Physician Assistant, Hardware, Facility and Anesthesiology
  • Post-Op Services: Durable Medical Equipment, Diagnostics, Physical Therapy and Physician care
  • PPI Rating/PPD Rating

Concierge Level Care Coordination

Our care coordinators are friendly, responsive and resourceful. They can manage the entire episode of care or provide administrative support. Their involvement in the process brings peace of mind to the patient and gives the gift of time to the adjuster/nurse case manager.



Objective Surgical offers clients a proactive pricing approach that results in known costs and predictability. Savings are typically 40%-60% of charges. We maintain the highest quality of care by following our surgeons’ protocols, ensuring the best outcomes.


Provider Partners

Our providers are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the intricacies of the work comp industry. In order to achieve the highest quality care, they are required to meet our credentialing qualifications and commit to our ongoing performance expectations. We follow their protocols for the best outcomes. Our provider partners have been strategically recruited for our network, with input from loyal partners.


Providers Out-of-Network

Interested in our services, but you already have surgeons you like to use? Not a problem! We love referrals! If your surgeons are not currently in our network, we can reach out and start the vetting process.


(but not limited to)

  • Rotator Cuff/SLAP Repair

  • ACL Repair

  • Meniscus Repair

  • Discectomy

  • Laminectomy

  • Spinal Fusion

  • Carpal Tunnel Release

  • Ulnar Nerve Release

  • Open Reduction Internal Fixation

  • Hernia Repair

Typical turnaround time frames:

Date and time for the initial consult within 24 hours of referral receipt.

Initial consult scheduled within 7 days.

Surgery scheduled within 1 week of the initial consult.

We are proud of the unique service we offer and our client satisfaction.
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