Objective Surgical is proud to offer the S.O.S. Card!

Smart Option Services can help. A simple add-on benefit to your current plan, the S.O.S Card provides an innovative care management tool for employees to access our proprietary bundled approach to common high dollar medical services. By offering this card to your employees, you control the spend on expensive imaging, surgical procedures and more – with zero out of pocket expenses for employees – and an expected ROI of well over $200K+ per 1,000 employees.

Establish a New Normal on your health care spend. Consider it Essential.


Commercial Reimbursement
for Indiana



Card Price


And that’s just on ONE procedure you’re paying 100% for ANYWAY due to federal regs. Let us show you full potential savings in YOUR area.


50 scopes / 1,000 members

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    We’ve spent years offering our bundled imaging and surgical procedures in the Workers’ Compensation market. We launched our services in the health space by request…of our Self-Funded clients. Why? We’ve proven a valued partner to our clients. We don’t just advertise we have a direct network  –  we actually do. We also have immediate access to a secondary network to make sure we can take care of your employees wherever they may be located. We build each bundle specific to the patient – ENSURING the patient receives the most appropriate care without delay – at significant savings to the plan sponsor. You CAN save on these services, it CAN be a known and controlled approach, benefitting both the patient and the Self-Funded employer. Quality AND cost delivered! Let us show you how.

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    The S.O.S. Card

    The S.O.S. Card provides access to a streamlined and cost-efficient concierge team for diagnostic imaging and surgical procedures – at no cost to the member. The S.O.S. Card is a stand-beside benefit to the health plan – with no need to change brokers or plans. Example plan documentation is available – or we are happy to refer you to our legal health consultant for a plan document review.

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    Educate. Engage. Empower.

    Change is hard. And let’s be real – we’ve had to deal with quite a bit of change recently. Changing what is likely the most costly expense of a business – health insurance – is hard. We believe in the team approach to shift the culture of an employee population. Together with the plan sponsor, we execute a 12 month Employee Engagement outreach to keep employees dialed in to our offerings. Utilizing alternative payment options or access to medical care takes a culture shift. We can’t save you money or help your patients if they don’t use us! We also use this approach to target those members due for a Preventative Service screening like a mammogram or colonoscopy – saving you even more money long term by increasing compliance on preventative screenings.



Why WOULD you want to pay 100% of these services?
Your members would normally be responsible for a portion through deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.
Plan Sponsors can actually SAVE money by paying 100% of higher dollar services.


Employee Retention Benefits

via an enhanced benefits program, zero out-of-pocket incentives

Improved Outcomes

patient satisfaction, lower overall costs, quicker return to work

Care Coordination

throughout the entire care journey, efficient scheduling, patient
and provider liaison

Contained Cost Approach

eliminates the “Blank Check” dilemma

Stop handing out blank checks!
Members have a max contribution + you pay the rest regardless of where they go = blank check

Everyone Wins

lower costs across the board for BOTH plan sponsors AND their members


Change is hard. A full culture shift takes work.
We utilize the team approach with each client. 

  • Full roll-out education

  • 24/7 access to members via text/email

  • 12 month employee engagement plan


Be the hero your clients have been looking for. Add us as a carve out for unmatched savings and service. Having our processes engineered with the help of our surgeon partners, we take the patient first approach to pricing. It’s not black and white, and companies trying to indicate otherwise are prioritizing pricing over patient care and quality. We know that because a few of those companies have asked us to fill their network gaps (all the while marketing a national footprint) –and we’ve seen first hand the delay of patient care, asking the surgeons to reconsider a hospital setting he/she deemed medically necessary for the patient’s safety –or worse yet, approving a consult and then pulling the case for the patient to start all over for the sake of a couple hundred dollars. You know who will get the blame for that? Probably you. We don’t add to the nickel and diming with another per employee per month fee. We simply don’t believe in paying access for something if people don’t use it. We charge an annual on-boarding fee to deploy the 12 months of Employee Engagement. We use that to prove our commitment, encourage utilization, gain the employer’s trust and support through a small investment compared to most of the PEPM sites.

Self-Funded Employers and Captives

If your Broker hasn’t discussed carve out options with you – there is no time like the present! Getting started is easy – plug us in immediately without a plan change for Preventative Services. Simply add us on to your plan document and we can get to work.

Help Is Here

Anytime we quote a procedure you can rest assured on the following:

1. It is as inclusive as we can get based on the patient and information provided by the doctor.

2. We trust our provider partners with our own medical care.

3. Our pricing is aggressive yet fair and averages out lower reimbursements for an entire episode of care even over published pricing for just facility fees.

4. Our Care Coordinators can answer any question or concern you may have now, pre-op or post-op.

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