Objective Surgical is proud to offer the S.O.S. Card in Indiana!

Smart Option Services can help. A simple add-on benefit to your current health plan, the S.O.S Card provides an innovative care management tool for employees to access our proprietary bundled approach to common high dollar medical services. By offering this card to your employees, you control the spend on expensive imaging and surgical procedures.

Establish a New Normal on your health care spend. Consider it Essential.

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    We have a direct network. We also have immediate access to a secondary network to make sure we can take care of your employees wherever they may be located. We build each bundle specific to the patient – ENSURING the patient receives the most appropriate care without delay – at significant savings to the plan sponsor.

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    The S.O.S. Card

    The S.O.S. Card provides access to a streamlined and cost-efficient concierge team for diagnostic imaging and surgical procedures – at no cost to the member. The S.O.S. Card is a stand-beside benefit to the health plan – with no need to change brokers or plans. 

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    Educate. Engage. Empower.

    Change is hard. We believe in the team approach to shift the culture of an employee population. Together with the plan sponsor, we are able to execute a 12-month Employee Engagement outreach to keep employees dialed in to our offerings. Utilizing alternative payment options or access to medical care takes a culture shift. We can’t save you money or help your patients if they don’t use us! 


Plan Sponsors SAVE money by paying 100% of higher dollar services.

Zero out-of-pocket incentives via an enhanced benefits program.

Improved Outcomes – patient satisfaction, lower overall costs, quicker return to work.

Lower costs across the board for BOTH plan sponsors AND their members.

Care coordinators manage the journey for patients, providing efficiency and peace of mind.

Participants reap the rewards of a Contained Cost Approach.

Help Is Here

Anytime we quote a procedure you can rest assured on the following:

1. It is as inclusive as we can get based on the patient and information provided by the doctor.

2. We trust our provider partners with our own medical care.

3. Our pricing is aggressive yet fair and averages out lower reimbursements for an entire episode of care even over published pricing for just facility fees.

4. Our Care Coordinators can answer any question or concern you may have now, pre-op or post-op.

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