Nurse Case Managers

We know how demanding a Nurse Case Manager’s case load can be and we are here to help!  Our goal is to assist you with the important tasks of caring for patients and managing costs.

Our involvement in the process
can make your life easier!

When you work with Objective Surgical you have the support of a team of Care Coordinators who offer assistance on files.  They help simplify processes and save you time! We are true partners in the process.

Care Coordinators CAN HELP.
You tell us what you need!


Levels of Support

Administrative Assistance

  • Same day work status

  • Clinic notes within 48 hours

  • Op notes within 72 hours

  • PT progress notes

  • Cost Savings Reports

Coordination of Care

  • Includes all Administrative Assistance tasks

  • Patient communications

  • Appointment scheduling

Our global surgery program bundles EVERYTHING associated with that episode of care.


  • Date and time for the initial consult within 24 hours of referral receipt.

  • Initial consult scheduled within 7 days.

  • Surgery scheduled within 1 week of initial consult.

Hear from our NCM company clients!

“The Objective Surgical team assists me with administrative tasks that consume my time. I still call the shots regarding care. With their help, I am able to focus on the patient.”

“The care coordinators are such a help in chasing down paperwork and making sure I have everything in a timely fashion. With my large number of open cases, their involvement helps keep me organized.”

“I love the Cost Savings Reports they provide. I present the reports to my clients and share the savings on the file. They really appreciate it and they know I am paying attention to their bottom line.”

We are proud of the unique service we offer and our client satisfaction.
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